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You will find here an informative and inspiring mix of artist interviews,exhibition and even website reviews, gallery profiles, glimpses into the resonate spaces of the artist studio, and art links from around the Web.


WTP Artist: Marketa Sivek

The versatile styles of Marketa Sivek: “The process of painting is so fluid. It’s an exercise of a brain and body in unison. Sort of like dancing.”

Part 4: Creating a Comic Character

In the last of his “Creating a Comic Character” series, Karl Dixon speaks on how to write a comic page script.

WTP Artist: Barbara Bryn Klare

Barbara Bryn Klare works primarily with fiber, reacting to historical artifacts, physical landscape, and the current political climate.

Art Spotlight: Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniel’s bead sculptures act as sculpture, craft, and painting. From WTP Vol. V #9.

Art Spotlight: Elizabeth Albert

Elizabeth Albert’s photography series, created with a Holga camera, appears in WTP Vol. VI #6.

Ken Berman in the Studio


Ken Berman, featured in WTP Vol. III #6, talks about his process and fascination with industry and humanity in a video visiting his studio.

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