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You will find here an informative and inspiring mix of artist interviews,exhibition and even website reviews, gallery profiles, glimpses into the resonate spaces of the artist studio, and art links from around the Web.


WTP Artist: Britta Fluevog

Britta Fluevog’s weaving and installations explore social justice and address the subjects of refugees, borders, globalism, and colonization.

Interview: Emilia Dubicki

Contributing editor John Skoyles interviews Connecticut-based artist Emilia Dubicki, who began to pursue painting after a career in writing and publishing.

The Representational vs. the Abstract

Marie E. Saint-Cyr is a Haitian-American painter whose paintings frequently evoke the charm and vibrancy of Caribbean pastorals as well as the urgency and energy of urban landscapes.

Ken Berman in the Studio


Ken Berman, featured in WTP Vol. III #6, talks about his process and fascination with industry and humanity in a video visiting his studio.

Art Spotlight: Beau Wild

Beau Wild’s Lost Letter Fragments, from WTP Vol. IV #1.

Evolution of the Ferris Wheel

One photographer’s manipulation of a ferris wheel in various photography apps.