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You will find here an informative and inspiring mix of everything on and by the fine artist and on fine art,  from interviews to exhibition and even website reviews, gallery profiles, glimpses into the resonate spaces of the artist studio, as well as art links from around the Web.

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Photography Simplified

In the era of Photoshop, John Greiner-Ferris encourages photography simplified: “The underlying image, for me at least, has to be well-composed.”

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Landscape Painting and Near Realism

Eileen Murphy creates oil paintings and landscapes that “almost” capture reality, experimenting with perspective.

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Architecture and Fine Art

George Casprowitz’s abstract paintings are featured in WTP Vol. VII #9. See “Draft Status,” a selection from the magazine.

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Surrounded by Nature

Five years ago, artist Alex Egan and her family moved into the Victorian house where she converted a dining room into a large studio.

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A Woven Tale Press Voice & Vision

Our WTP Voice & Visions are collaborations where the literary meets the visual arts. We do our best to pair our writers with our artists who have appeared in The Woven Tale Press magazine, but readings of works may also be paired with alternative visuals compiled by our most talented video producer Heidi Stauff. “Give Me That Old Time Religion”: Story by Richard Dokey Dokey is the author of August Heat, (Story Press), and Pale Morning Dun, (University of Missouri Press) which was nominated for the American Book Award. His most recent collection of stories is Fly Fishing the River Styx (Adelaide Books). See his work in Vol. VII #8

Give Me That Old Time Religion

By WTP Video Producer Heidi Stauff