Interviews: Artists

Meet many of the artists that appear in our Woven Tale Press magazine.  Most interviews will link to the issue where their works appear. If you are interested in their work, we are happy to put you in touch.

WTP Artist: Teresa Meier

Teresa Meier “stitches” together her works using Photoshop, illustration, and a custom-built computer.

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WTP Artist: Eleen Lin

“I was inspired to retell the tale of Moby Dick through a different cultural lens.” A behind-the-scenes look into her series Mythopoeia.

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William Vollers: Found Objects and Wabi-Sabi

Contributor William Vollers on his inspiration, history with design, and time in the studio.

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WTP Artist: Dillon Samuelson

Dillon Samuelson’s impressive portraiture appears on the cover and in WTP Vol. VI #2.

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WTP Artist: Yasuaki Okamoto

“In each place I visited, I studied the local flora and fauna.” Yasuaki Okamoto gives a behind-the-scene view into his bright, surreal paintings.

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Interview: Emilia Dubicki

Contributing editor John Skoyles interviews Connecticut-based artist Emilia Dubicki, who began to pursue painting after a career in writing and publishing.

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WTP Artist: Nguyen Thi Mai

“Through art, I was able to achieve balance and harmony within my inner self.” Nguyen Thi Mai, on her journey and growth as an artist.

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Brianna Baurichter: Hybridity in Hybrid Form

“I am very interested in hybridity as tool for discovery.” Emily Jaeger interviews Brianna Baurichter about her hybrid art in charcoals.

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WTP Artist: Gil Desiano Bitton

Gil Desiano Bitton gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he paints marginal groups in Israeli society into the center.

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WTP Artist: Berndnaut Smilde

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde discusses the wide variety of his work in an interview with Richard Malinsky.

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Ken Collins

“It is my firm belief that having a film background is a great advantage working in digital photography.” Ken Collin's portrait photography won an honorable mention in WTP's 2018 contest. More about his work in our artist interview.

Gordon Leverton

"I think of media as different games—one might be bridge and one, chess." In our WTP interview, contributor Gordon Leverton speaks to his evolving series of works and exploration of different media throughout his career.

WTP Artist: Naomi Schlinke

Naomi Schlinke on the development of her ink paintings, the relationship between medium and style, and more.

WTP Artist: David Quinn

Self-taught nature photographer David Quinn finds artistic and unique ways to capture the nature of Long Island, New York.

WTP Artist: Nguyen Thi Mai

"Through art, I was able to achieve balance and harmony within my inner self." Nguyen Thi Mai, on her journey and growth as an artist.

WTP Artist: Greg Skol

Greg Skol, on the development of his mixed-media landscape collages, the benefits of small scale, and his many inspirations.

WTP Artist: Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly's detailed graphic drawings, highlighting the nature of New York City, appear in June's magazine. Behind the scenes of her work.