Interviews: Artists

Meet many of the artists that appear in our Woven Tale Press magazine.  Most interviews will link to the issue where their works appear. If you are interested in their work, we are happy to put you in touch.

WTP Artist: Kelly Zélen

Kelly Zélen, on her artistic process of sculpting steel wool into shade-like figures which portray hidden emotions.

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Gross and Wapiennik’s Freak Show

Gross and Wapiennik talk about their collaborative success, Freak Show, a book combining illustration and photography to portray urban blight.

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Interview: Bill Hall and Rebecca Michelman

Emilia Dubicki interviews Bill Hall and Rebecca Michelman to gain insight into Hall’s art-making and Michelman’s curatorial process, and how the two crossed paths.

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WTP Artist: Tao Ho

Vol. V #7 artist Tao Ho strives to reconcile the chaotic imbalances of photography in his abstract analog photographs.

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WTP Artist: J. Ivcevich

J. Ivcevich creates his Shred series using shredded newspapers and advertisements and acrylic applied with a dental syringe.

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WTP Artist: Francesca Tabor-Miolla

“Contemporary Expressionist is what I like to call myself, after all, I am a woman of today and am expressing myself!”

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WTP Artist: Alan Bray

Alan Bray, “the visual poet laureate of nature,” creates works in casein capturing the natural phenomena in Maine.

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WTP Artist: Susan Clinard

Susan Clinard’s expressive sculpture has appeared in the former White House, the city of Bridgeport, and April’s WTP magazine.

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WTP Artist: Ryan Schroeder

Painter Ryan Schroeder gives a behind-the-scenes look at his artistic process, mixed-mediums, and inspirations.

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Interview: Emilia Dubicki

Contributing editor John Skoyles interviews Connecticut-based artist Emilia Dubicki, who began to pursue painting after a career in writing and publishing.

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Liz Nielsen

"Like Monet studied the light on the haystacks and painted them over and over at different times of the day, I’ve been creating photograms that have the same shapes but shifting and changing light." Liz Nielsen speaks to her photograms, appearing in Vol. VII #3.

Francene J. Levinson

"When joined, it has a beautiful, textural, flowing, dynamic strength which I find inspiring." Francene J. Levinson shares behind the scenes of her modular paper sculpture, inspired by the Chinese Zhe Zhi art of paper folding.

Amy Kanka Valadarsky

"After twenty-five years of creating intangible software products, I felt the need to do something concrete and creative, use my hands not just my head." WTP artist Amy Kanka Valadarsky shares her journey to photography and behind the scenes of her process.

Ken Collins

“It is my firm belief that having a film background is a great advantage working in digital photography.” Ken Collin's portrait photography won an honorable mention in WTP's 2018 contest. More about his work in our artist interview.

Gordon Leverton

"I think of media as different games—one might be bridge and one, chess." In our WTP interview, contributor Gordon Leverton speaks to his evolving series of works and exploration of different media throughout his career.

WTP Artist: Naomi Schlinke

Naomi Schlinke on the development of her ink paintings, the relationship between medium and style, and more.

WTP Artist: David Quinn

Self-taught nature photographer David Quinn finds artistic and unique ways to capture the nature of Long Island, New York.