Artist Site Reviews

Websites cited here were submitted by artists for review. WTP editors consider actual website design and ease of navigation, but first and foremost, quality of content–we seek to grow the online presence of these noteworthy  talents.

Site Review: Konmark

Konmark is a photographic artist and researcher exploring the themes of mortality, spirituality, and the human condition.

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Site Review: Jerry Reed

“Jerry Reed is certainly one to watch in the contemporary art scene.” Reed transitioned from commercial to fine art photography.

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Site Review: Teresa Meier

Teresa Meier’s photographic montages both stand individually and work together to create compelling, surreal narratives.

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Coffee, Tea, Art and Blogs

Some wonderful links to famous art, great sketch books for artists (I get no money if you buy one) and things you should know about…wait for it…COFFEE.

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Site Review: Lauren Raine

Professional Mask-Making

Lauren Raine’s masks are inspired by global culture and philosophy.

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Site Review: Virginia Mahoney

Virginia Mahoney’s work consistently pushes back against tradition by resisting the categorical and methodical.

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Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Now that winter has passed in Florida…I’m warming up to some fun sites you might like.

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Site Review: Tatiana L. Sougakova

“I do not paint images. I paint energy.” Richard Malinsky reviews Tatiana L. Sougakova, a Russian-born American abstract artist.

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Site Review: T Barny

A 25-Year Collaboration with Stone: T Barny’s fascination with the Möbius strip began long before his career in the arts.

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Site Review: Keith Plummer, Sculptor

Keith Plummer, featured in WTP Vol. V #1, creates sculptures from animal bones, metal, and wood.

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Raja Oshi

Raja Oshi’s mission is for her work to speak to all women throughout the world, “In the hope they can think out of the box to free their mind and soul; to move outside of the boundaries of our lives."

Marie E. Saint-Cyr

Marie E. Saint-Cyr is a Haitian-American painter whose paintings frequently evoke the charm and vibrancy of Caribbean pastorals as well as the urgency and energy of urban landscapes.

Maya Kuvaja

Inspired by the literary movement Magical Realism, Maya Kuvaja’s storytelling paintings explore the way we perceive and construct our own realities. Her work invites deeply personal interpretations of her complex and mysterious narratives.

Cindy Rinne

Cindy Rinne's website features an extensive variety of “Quilted Paintings,” collage compositions of both exotic and local fabrics collected over the years. Her work over the years has blurred the boundaries of craft and fine art.

Joshua Field

On Joshua Field's website, you’ll find an impressive collection of paintings grouped by theme, followed by smaller projects and works on paper. His fertile conceptual imagination is expressed through a variety of techniques and materials.

Sarah Nesbitt

Sarah Nesbitt’s work is an excellent example of intellectual curiosity, research skills, concept development, and creative execution. On her site, find examples of her mixed-media installation work, photography, and interactive installations.

Kathy Ferguson

On Kathy Ferguson's website, you’ll find several series of whimsical, colorful, and organic compositions of surreal and imaginary worlds that she describes as “more illusionary than authentic; places more commonly found in dreams than reality.” 

Site Review: Maya Dunsky

Maya Dunsky is a multidisciplinary artist, butoh dancer, choreographer, and painter who lives in Israel.

Site Review: Jean Sbarra Jones

Jean Sbarra Jones is an award-winning artist whose series of acrylic paintings of women’s dresses has earned significant critical acclaim.

Site Review: Laurie Borggreve

Laurie Borggreve's ambitious compositions use thousands of small pieces and urge the viewer to delve deeper for true meaning.