Artist Site Reviews

Websites cited here were submitted by artists for review. WTP editors consider actual website design and ease of navigation, but first and foremost, quality of content–we seek to grow the online presence of these noteworthy  talents.

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

This post I’m taking the second item from the title, Coffee.

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Site Review: T Barny

A 25-Year Collaboration with Stone: T Barny’s fascination with the Möbius strip began long before his career in the arts.

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Site Review: William Vollers

William Vollers embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, an acceptance of imperfection that permeates his balanced and natural sculptures.

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Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Donald Kolberg’s roundup of sites and links for artists.

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Site Review: Christina Saj

As a contemporary iconographer, Christina Saj studies and reflects on symbols that reflect universal truths.

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Site Review: Gina Louthian-Stanley

“The end results of exploration of various surface preparation and applications are beautifully nuanced color harmonies and surface textures.”

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Site Review: Joy Munt

Joy Munt’s diptych paintings explore the “beautiful and deteriorating world of industry juxtaposed with the prairies, trees, rivers, and coasts.”

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Site Review: Sharon Stepman

“It’s this consistent vision—an appreciation for shape and color and experimentation, all the ways we can play within those boundaries—that one can trace across Sharon Stepman’s artistic work.”

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Site Review: Joseph O’Neill

Fine art photographer Joseph O’Neill uses both high and low shutter speeds and other techniques to create abstract depictions of New York City.

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Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Doodlers Anonymous was founded to celebrate an addiction—our incessant need to draw, sketch, and doodle.

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Kathy Ferguson

On Kathy Ferguson's website, you’ll find several series of whimsical, colorful, and organic compositions of surreal and imaginary worlds that she describes as “more illusionary than authentic; places more commonly found in dreams than reality.” 

Site Review: Maya Dunsky

Maya Dunsky is a multidisciplinary artist, butoh dancer, choreographer, and painter who lives in Israel.

Site Review: Jean Sbarra Jones

Jean Sbarra Jones is an award-winning artist whose series of acrylic paintings of women’s dresses has earned significant critical acclaim.

Site Review: Laurie Borggreve

Laurie Borggreve's ambitious compositions use thousands of small pieces and urge the viewer to delve deeper for true meaning.

Site Review: Jodi Colella

Jodi Colella's fiber art lends "a fresh contemporary relevance to a fiber art often wrongly dismissed as a hobbyist’s craft."

Site Review: Andrea Rae

"A young artist who has already made a significant mark," multi-media artist Andrea Rae creates deeply meaningful, "soft" fabric sculptures.

Site Review: Deborah Weiss

Deborah Weiss is a painter and printmaker whose work focuses on the effect of atmospheric conditions on land and water over time.

Site Review: DeJeonge Reese

DeJeonge Reese's work explores race, culture, and spirituality in an effort to effect change in the current ideals of body image.