Book Reviews

STRIKE THE EMPTY by Beth Kephart

"Her voice regarding the genre is indispensable." Beth Kephart's twenty-third book is a guidebook for writers of lessons learned over years of writing memoir.

SILENCE by Jane Brox

Jane Brox's latest novel explores the effect of silence in prison and monastic lives to draw conclusions about its effects. "Remarkable both in its evocative research and its lyricism," WTP prose editor DeWitt Henry reviews.


Jennifer Acker’s deeply considered and expansive novel focuses on love and family transcending races, cultures, religions, geography and time, and serves to expand the horizons of American readers for whom distant nations remain more “other” than familiar.

Book Review: Inventing the World

Jack Smith's newest is a collection of essays on the craft of writing, geared toward beginners and featuring thoughts from scores of literary figures.

A Special Sentence Structure

Richard Gilbert explores the long history of the cumulative sentence structure in a review of Brooks Landon's instructional book.

Book Review: Heating & Cooling

Beth Ann Fennelly's collection of micro-memoirs tells the story of a life lived and imagined, complete with irony, sentiment, and honesty.