Interviews With Contemporary Visual Artists

Interviews with Contemporary Visual Artists

Get acquainted here with the many contemporary visual artists featured in The Woven Tale Press. Enjoy their fascinating insight into their processes. Most interviews will link to the issue where their works appear. If you are interested in their work, we are happy to put you in touch.

Sculptor Dana Filibert on Carving Foam

Dana Filibert creates whimsical sculptures using the medium foam.

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WTP Artist: Tao Ho

Vol. V #7 artist Tao Ho strives to reconcile the chaotic imbalances of photography in his abstract analog photographs.

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WTP Artist: Barbara Milman

“It seems almost impossible that our actions can affect anything as vast as the oceans.” Emily Jaeger interviews printmaker Barbara Milman.

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WTP Artist: Laurie Borggreve

WTP artist Laurie Borggreve’s sculptures often involve hundreds of small pieces creating one installation.

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WTP Artist: J. Ivcevich

J. Ivcevich creates his Shred series using shredded newspapers and advertisements and acrylic applied with a dental syringe.

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WTP Artist: Mayme Kratz

Mayme Kratz talks reconciling differences, using found objects, and how she approaches art and the natural world in this WTP interview.

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WTP Artist: Eduardo Terranova

“This gives me the impetus to create, the belief that the glitter of metals is more than mere reflections.” Emily Jaeger interviews Eduardo Terranova.

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Don Bergland: From Paint to Digital

An interview with Don Bergland on his digital artwork, a theater of startling hybrids creatures which invite the viewer to enter a new world of possibility.

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WTP Artist: Shea Wilkinson

“The trick is to have a lot of patience!” Shea Wilkinson talks her history and process with free motion quilting.

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Glass Transfer Artist, Wren Panzella

“Make artwork to satisfy yourself and your style will eventually emerge.”

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Acrylic and Watercolor Collage

Gladys Nilsson is an original member of the Hairy Who and one of the first women to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney.

Reimagined Architecture

Nikola Olic's abstract photography plays with hidden shapes and patterns in buildings to display reimagined architecture.

Marsha Balian

"Using found materials has led me to become a scavenger or as some have said, a hunter-gatherer." Marsha Balian is a self-taught mixed media artist who incorporates found objects and invention into her work.

Artist as a Primitive Shaman

Madara Tropa on the artist as a primitive shaman with the capacity to recognize a problem and be recognized as a projection of desire for change.

Multi-Media Artist

Wen Yu is a multi-media artist from Suzhou, China, who now lives in Boston where she creates research-based projects that integrate art, technology, story-telling, and tangible materials.