Let's Talk Art

Let’s Talk Art

Hear from guest WTP artists on their process and mediums, about what inspires them, creative tips, and more.

Asemic Writing as Art

What is Asemic writing, and how does it impact painting? From WTP contributor Tom Venning.

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An Artist In Memoriam

A tribute to Elizabeth Sloan Tyler, the inspiration behind WTP.

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Using Form, Color, and Narrative

Judy Stone on the enameling process—forming, “destroying,” sewing together, adding layers of color, then drawing narrative art.

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Steel Mesh Sculpture: A New Medium

Steel mesh sculpture provides contemporary sculptures with new ways to explore themes and captivate their audiences.

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Recycled Art: Trash to Treasure

Kathryn M. McCullough on her collage work and re-using materials to create art.

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Book Art: Saving the Pages

Donald Kolberg creates art out of abandoned used books.

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Environmental Painting as Landscape

David D’Agostino explains how landscape artists are adapting in a world of increasing environmental decay.

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Evolution of the Ferris Wheel

One photographer’s manipulation of a ferris wheel in various photography apps.

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East Asian water-ink painting

The orchid stroke and the importance of the four noble flowers in East Asian art and literature.

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Correspondence Art

Behind a community of artists who mail small pieces of art to each other.

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The Healing Art of Pottery

"As I work, alone, often cold and always filthy, I’m unconsciously or consciously working through troubles that otherwise cloud my thinking." Guest writer Kate Charlton-Jones finds her mindfulness at the pottery wheel.

The Painting and Its Frame

Guest writer Amy Nawrocki uses the work of Maurice and Charles Prendergast to explore the relationship between artworks and their physical frames.

Innocence in Art

Guest writer Martin Mugar on a lesson learned from a small girl's impression of his colorful artwork.

Jodi Colella’s FiberLAB

Jodi Colella's FiberLAB, a workshop started in 2015, allows students to experiment with different fiber mediums as well as other types of art.

An Anatomy Lesson

Why is the anatomy in Rembrandt's "Anatomy Lesson" incorrect? Guest writer Z. Shuff explores the history of the piece and anatomy in art.

A Writer Learns From Wyeth

Painter Andrew Wyeth's views on art could hold valuable insights for writers on creating and developing stories.

On Your Mark

Jean Eng discusses artist rituals, what different artists do before they are able to begin making their art, and the necessity of such habits.

Breaking Rules

"Do unspoken rules, rule our attitude and how we respond towards different kinds of art?" Jean Eng debates when and how to break the rules of visual art.


"the results only appear in the imagination." Jean Eng makes an argument for the usefulness of eye-drawing as an artistic exercise.