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Enjoy an eclectic mix of the literary, painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, drawing, the innovative and the offbeat. The Woven Tale Press mission is to grow the online presence of noteworthy writers, photographers, and artists. Most contributors are credited with interactive urls back to their websites. If we discover an artist via a gallery, we will link back to the gallery’s website as well.

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Snapshots from Vol. VII #4


“‘Land’ for landscape and ’cuts’ for cutting or framing, as would be done with a camera and in the virtual continuums that I create.” – Paul-Emile Rioux


Aluminum Sculpture

Short Fiction

Elizabeth Hamilton’s work has appeared in s/word, Cordella Magazine, and The Dallas Morning News, among other publications. Currently, she is working toward her MFA in Fiction Writing at Seattle Pacific University, WA. Read her searing story  “Go Boom” in this WTP issue.


Phenomenal Aerial Art

“I think of the camera as more of an artist’s sketchbook. I sketch out my ideas frequently six-to-seven miles above the earth from within a commercial aircraft moving at about 600 mph through a distorted port window.” – Ronnie McClure


“Khor lo is Tibetan for circle, wheel, or spiral. Dkyil’khor literally means concentric circles from the center to the periphery, and so becomes mandala. The mandala simplifies chaos and complexity, unifying many elements into one pattern of existence. The central point is the axis mundi, the point of emptiness, the midpoint of self. Outward from the center are the four walls, encompassing the external world. These four directions of life often represent the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. They may also represent the life qualities of us as living beings: our feelings, emotions, body, and mind. This assemblage work of 108 box panels carries the symbolism of the mandala into the everyday world of patterns: graffiti, old walls and sidewalks, fish baskets, manhole covers, the sides of old train cars. The attached objects that are included in the series were carefully chosen from my collecting drawers in the studio or brought to me as gifts by friends.”

–Catherine Eaton Skinner


Khor lo XCIX
 mixed media on panel 10” x 10” x 2.5”
By Catherine Eaton Skinner, featured in The Woven Tale Press Vol. VII #4



Visual Arts

Susan Cantrick

Susan Cantrick

sbc 197 See Susan Cantrick’s work in WTP Vol. VII #4 mixed media collage on paper 11” x 15” “Like its mute cousin music, painting…
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Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton

From WTP Vol. VII #4 Go Boom By Elizabeth Hamilton If you’re a woman and you want to join the U.S. Army, the first thing…
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Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart

From WTP Vol. VII #2 Fixing Beauty By Beth Kephart It wasn’t like me to startle her, to catch her Elizabeth Taylor eyes in a…
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Michael Hettich

Michael Hettich

From WTP Vol. VII #4 I Wonder By Michael Hettich how to respond when the checkout woman tells me her son has been sick since…
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