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The WTP magazine is published ten times a year. It is a true hybrid of  noteworthy writing and visual arts — at once a fine art magazine and literary journal. We regularly feature a rich and resonate roster of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and the visual arts, by both established and emerging writers and artists. Keep up with the latest: cutting-edge literary and fine art from across the world.

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Enjoy an eclectic mix of the literary, painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, drawing, the innovative and the offbeat. The Woven Tale Press mission is to grow the online presence of noteworthy writers, photographers, and artists. Most contributors are credited with interactive urls back to their websites. If we discover an artist via a gallery, we will link back to the gallery’s website as well.

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Snapshots from Vol. VIII #8 of The Woven Tale Press

Corsan, oil on linen painting by Brian Rutenberg

Abstract Landscapes

“Humidity made me a painter. All of these new paintings are meditations on an imaginary pond as seen through veils of South Carolina Lowcountry heat.” — Brian Rutenberg
headshot of David Hallock Sanders


Sari Ellen is a Pushcart nominated, Druze-Israeli American writer whose writing has previously appeared in The Woven Tale Press, Beloit Fiction Journal, Blue Lake Review, So It Goes, The Satirist, Manhattan Poetry Review, among other magazines, newspapers, webzines, and anthologies.

mixed media by Susan Tabachnick

Mixed Media

“I make things out of found objects, both sculptural and functional.  My work is about connections and the partnering of disparate objects.” — Susan Tabachnick


Fenniak paints detailed narrative portraits and figures in settings with implied action. These works have luminous surfaces and compelling images that offer a combination of disquiet, uncertainty, burgency, calm, and spirituality. His painting style contains a contrast of inner light with his attention to detail, texture, and atmosphere.

Hotel Corridor oil on canvas 54'' x 72'' By Paul Fenniak

Hotel Corridor
oil on canvas
54” x 72”

By Paul Fenniak

See more of her work in The Woven Tale Press Vol. VIII #8

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