Poets and the Art of Writing Poetry


Terri Witek

“I’m definitely happier now as a mixed-bag poet.” WTP poet Terri Witek discusses her new collection THE RAPE KIT, her collaborations with other artists and poets, and the changing nature of poetry in the digital age in her interview with Jennifer Nelson.

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Literary Spotlight: Paul Hostovsky

Spotlight: Paul Hostovsky, The Calculus

What it’s like to go to the dentist, according to one of our November poets, Paul Hostovsky. See his work in The Woven Tale Press Vol. IV #9.

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Poet Activists

A few years ago, poet activist Michael Rothenberg contacted me. He asked if I would be willing to organize an event for the world-wide 100,000 Poets for Change (100TPC) Day.

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WTP Writer: Eleanor Hooker

“I’ve been telling stories since I was knee high to a grasshopper… It’s all I ever wanted to do.”

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Our Friend Phillip

Ned Stuckey-French highlights his experience with writer and friend Phillip Lopate’s blog for The American Scholar.

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Poetry and News

Rediscovered literary journals and the power of art to give voice.

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Very Latest!


One-on-One Poetry Intensives

Instructor: Sara London,

WTP Poetry Editor

This is a masterclass for anyone who has been writing poems and is eager to revise her/his/their way to even stronger work. Writing effective poems involves a uniquely delicate dance of control and surrender. An initial spark — an image, memory, idea, or language itself — may launch us on a poem with confidence, yet ultimately usher us toward some unexpected wilderness. How do we navigate that line of tension between clear purpose and a poem’s surprising wild side? How do we follow a path of compelling illumination and bring a poem to resonant conclusion? We’ll take a close look at matters of subject, imagery, diction, lineation, rhythm, tone, and more. Students will receive written feedback on work (submitted in advance), tips for future revisions, and reading recommendations. (Number of poems to be determined in pre-conference communication.)

(On acceptance you will be contacted by email to schedule a convenient meeting time.)


Sara London

Sara London headshot

Author of the poetry collections The Tyranny of Milk and Upkeep (forthcoming in 2019), both from Four Way Books. Her poems have appeared in The Hudson Review, Poetry East, The Iowa Review, the Poetry Daily Anthology, The Common, and many other journals. She is also the author of two children’s books, and has reviewed children’s literature for The New York Times Book Review. She earned an MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and later worked at Scribner’s, as fiction editor at Seventeen magazine, and as poetry editor at Special Report. She teaches creative writing and literature at Smith College. www.saralondonwriter.com

Look for our own first WTP Selected Works edition, and a variety of titles and genres by our  Woven Tale Press authors.

cover of Upkeep poetry collection by Sara London