Prose Writing


Interview: Ned Stuckey-French

Paul Haney of Redivider interviews Ned Stuckey-French, essayist and teacher whose work The Iowa Review and Tri-Quarterly Online.

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Pain’s Parallel Kingdom

Richard Gilbert reviews Sonya Huber’s new book about chronic pain and shares a conversation with her about writing, humor, and politics.

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Eye on the Indies

Spomenka Štimec’s fictional memoir from Phoneme Media follows war in former Yugoslavia and is translated from the neutral language Esperanto.

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Elizabeth Hamilton

“If you’re a woman and you want to join the U.S. Army, the first thing the recruiter at the Army Recruiting Office in Dallas will tell you is to drive across the city to talk with the Air Force guys.”

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Sandell Morse

“Hiding,” creative nonfiction by Sandell Morse, appears in WTP Vol. VII #1. Read her essay on her grappling with Jewish history and identity.

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Punctuation & My Pig Tale

Contributing editor Richard Gilbert laments over the New York Times’s use of capitalization after a colon.

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Very Latest!

Look for our own first WTP Selected Works edition, and a variety of titles and genres by our very own Woven Tale Press authors.