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You will find here all things on prose writing, from features on writing fiction and creative nonfiction, writer and author interviews, and publishing tips, to our flagship Eye on the IndiesĀ  series, writerly links, and more.

Our LatestĀ  Prose Features

Technology and Writing: One Writer’s Perspective

Richard Dokey speaks to technology and writing in the modern era and about his new short story collection in our interview with this philosophical writer.

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CHIMERICA by Anita Felicelli

Oakland attorney Maya Ramesh has a giant lemur marching around her house. In her debut novel, Anita Felicelli opens up so many current problems of exploitation, freedom, walls, loss of autonomy, illusions, and unrealizable dreams.

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Lisa Sinnett

“The View from Senator Street” by Lisa Sinnett tells a story of domestic violence, class difference, and friendship during a Detroit childhood. From WTP Vol. VII #8.

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