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Ten Faux Pas To Avoid as a First-Time Author

Gerry Aldridge, on what you can learn from his mistakes during your first time being published.

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A Novel as Riddle

WTP guest writer Lisa Zeiger reviews SLEEPLESS NIGHT By Margriet de Moor, “a novel for the floating world we live in now.”

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WTP Writer: Mark Mayes

WTP Contributor Mark Mayes and Contributing Editor Jo Ely on the publication of Mayes’s first book, his process, and what’s next.

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WTP Writer: Lynn Lipinski

Lynn Lipinski’s short story, “The Dying Kind,” follows a hospice care worker and appears in January’s magazine.

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Review: Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing

Richard Gilbert reviews Dani Shapiro’s book, Still Writing, discussing the balance between the personal versus the universal in memoir.

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Peter Johnson

“I write what I feel like writing, though I feel most comfortable in short forms…I think there is way too much overwriting going on. You could probably cut out at least a quarter of most novels.” Interview with WTP writer Peter Johnson.

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Very Latest!

Look for our own first WTP Selected Works edition, and a variety of titles and genres by our very own Woven Tale Press authors.