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Defying Genres

In INCLUDE ME OUT, forthcoming in translation from Transit Books, María Sonia Cristoff has managed to defy genres and fit in a wide variety of subjects.

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Book Review: Heating & Cooling

Beth Ann Fennelly’s collection of micro-memoirs tells the story of a life lived and imagined, complete with irony, sentiment, and honesty.

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The Four D’s: Part 4 – More on Depth of Character

A Special Feature Series: See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 At the welcome reception for my MFA program I was asked the following question: when my novel is published and on bookstore shelves, next to which author would I like to see it placed? I had never thought about this and found myself unable to
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Literary Spotlight: Dewitt Henry

What is a Jerk?

Press Spotlight: Dewitt Henry. See his work in Vol. IV #7

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Lessons of an Independent Author: The Power of Publicity

{Originally published at} I won’t deny it. I had this fantasy that I would wake up sometime during the month of December to discover that I had become an overnight best-selling author sensation. Of course that is pure fantasy in a world where hundreds of thousands of new books are published daily; the chances
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Literary Spotlight: Henry Plunkett

Henry Plunkett’s prize-winning story follows an Irishman in Australia, displaced in the country as well as in his own family.

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Look for our own first WTP Selected Works edition, and a variety of titles and genres by our very own Woven Tale Press authors.