WTP magazine Art

Exploration of Color

Alayne Spafford's abstract paintings are an exploration of color meant to evoke an emotional response in the viewer based on color, shape, and texture.

Unity in Fiber Art

The despair Tara Kennedy feels of different cultures and religions suffering in conflict drives her to communicate important messages of acceptance, empathy, and hope in her work.

Justin Peyser

Justin Peyser's sculptures, featured in Vol. VIII #3, "investigate how we demarcate, claim, and control."

Sherry Karver

Sherry Karver takes photographs of public places and writes imagined life stories over the figures in her work, to personalize individuals and emphasize all our unique stories.

Carolyn Case

Carolyn Case’s paintings rely on a beguiling density, gained from years of working and reworking a surface.

Kateryna Borovschi

"Where lies the line between real ‘me’ and virtual ‘me’? And is it there at all?" Kateryna Borovschi's new series explores the implications of the social media reality.

Sahar Khalkhalian

Sahar Khalkhalian's paintings "explore the loss of identity immigrants go through when they are forced to leave their homes and dive into the unknown."

Architecture and Fine Art

George Casprowitz's abstract paintings are featured in WTP Vol. VII #9. See "Draft Status," a selection from the magazine.