WTP magazine Art

Audra Weaser

Audra Weaser, whose work appears in the WTP summer magazine, is interested in creating physically charged images reminiscent of watery landscapes.

Bentley Meeker

Meticulously constructed sculptures by Bentley Meeker comment on the intersection of human culture and the natural world.

Jean Poythress Koon

Jean Poythress Koon, whose work appears in Vol. VII #5, teaches coiled basketry for state guilds, conferences, conventions, and craft schools all across the country.

Susan Cantrick

"In search of the intelligibility that is possible within painting’s sub-linguistic space, I’ve experimented freely with diverse techniques and media, a hybrid practice favoring a stylistic eclecticism that can belie its coherent underpinnings."

Mauricio Paz Viola

"My works feature images of imaginary landscapes, empty or inhabited by unknown beings; landscapes that externalize the constant inner struggle of being human, that visualize conflict between good and evil, between light and darkness..."

Walter Crump

"I think of these impermanent structures as machines without a purpose or machines that have lost their purpose, invoking rusting metropolises or ambiguous edifices, elusive images appearing as cloudy wrecks of a dubious age."

Patricia Lagarde

"I am interested in the relationships established between things and the subject that sees, describes, analyzes and names them." Patricia Lagarde's LOOKING FOR EVA series appears in March's magazine.

Francene J. Levinson

Francene J. Levinson's paper art, influenced by the ancient Chinese art of paper folding called Zhe Zhi, appears in March's Woven Tale Press magazine.

Gordon Leverton

Abstract architectural paintings by Gordon Leverton appear in February's Woven Tale Press magazine. Learn more about "Cidade da Luz" and his upcoming painting series.

Caitlin Cloninger

"I don’t take pictures; I make photographs. My photographs not only act as my vision, but as my voice." Caitlin Cloninger's photography, from WTP Vol. VII #1.