WTP magazine fiction

A Winter Scene

A short, tragic snapshot of a winter day in Ellen Wilbur's breathtaking piece from WTP Vol. VIII #7.

A Wintry Morning Drive

From WTP Vol. VIII #6, Joseph Hurka's short story follows a man whose wintry morning drive takes an unexpected turn.

A Bug’s Perspective

Richard Ive's work in WTP Vol. VII #5 is a series of vignettes told from the perspective of bugs. Read the booklouse's story today.

Allan Spencer

“When Warren strolled into the office at a quarter till nine, he had no notion that he’d shortly be dead...” Condolences by Allan Spencer appears in WTP Vol. VII #7.

David Wheldon

David Wheldon's short stories have been published regularly by WTP. Read his latest, "Strait-Jacket and Padded-Cell," appearing in WTP Vol. VII #6.

Beth Adelman

"At the age of eleven I was briefly inspired to devote my life to God. I would be a nun." Beth Adelman's "Scenes from my Childhood: 1965," from the summer issue of the Woven Tale Press magazine.

Eric Maroney

Eric Maroney's short fiction piece, "Devoted" appears in June's WTP Vol. VII #5.

Elizabeth Hamilton

"If you’re a woman and you want to join the U.S. Army, the first thing the recruiter at the Army Recruiting Office in Dallas will tell you is to drive across the city to talk with the Air Force guys."

Salvatore Difalco

In this piece of short fiction from Salvatore Difalco, the actor who plays Big Bird (or someone who thinks he is) navigates the dreary world of a nursing home. From WTP Vol. VII #3.

Heidi Stauff

Read a selection from Heidi Stauff's short story, "Bird's Nest Soup."