WTP magazine nonfiction

Grief First Experienced

Kayla Lutes's short story "Lilacs in Memoriam" appears in November's Woven Tale Press Vol. VII #9

Lisa Sinnett

"The View from Senator Street" by Lisa Sinnett tells a story of domestic violence, class difference, and friendship during a Detroit childhood. From WTP Vol. VII #8.

Beth Kephart

"One large apple a day, one sleeve of graham crackers, a run across the city, a marathon walk in the afternoon, jump-rope drills, and still: I’d stare into the mirror and not see beauty. Beauty refused me."

Sandell Morse

"Hiding," creative nonfiction by Sandell Morse, appears in WTP Vol. VII #1. Read her essay on her grappling with Jewish history and identity.

Dean Kostos

Read "The Ban," a short memoir piece from Dean Kostos featured in WTP Vol. VI #9.

Literary Spotlight: John Skoyles

In an excerpt from Contributing Editor John Skoyles's book The Nut File, Skoyles relates a series of quirky anecdotes from his own nut file.