WTP magazine nonfiction

Philip Lawton

Philip Lawton's personal essay, "Learning by Heart," from June's Woven Tale Press magazine.

Robert D. Kirvel

Robert D. Kirvel's essay explores the human condition and why popular views are so often factually incorrect.

Grief First Experienced

Kayla Lutes's short story "Lilacs in Memoriam" appears in November's Woven Tale Press Vol. VII #9

Lisa Sinnett

"The View from Senator Street" by Lisa Sinnett tells a story of domestic violence, class difference, and friendship during a Detroit childhood. From WTP Vol. VII #8.

Beth Kephart

"One large apple a day, one sleeve of graham crackers, a run across the city, a marathon walk in the afternoon, jump-rope drills, and still: I’d stare into the mirror and not see beauty. Beauty refused me."

Sandell Morse

"Hiding," creative nonfiction by Sandell Morse, appears in WTP Vol. VII #1. Read her essay on her grappling with Jewish history and identity.

Dean Kostos

Read "The Ban," a short memoir piece from Dean Kostos featured in WTP Vol. VI #9.