WTP magazine poetry

Jeffrey Harrison

Jeffrey Harrison has appeared in Best American Poetry and The Pushcart Prize anthology. Read his poetry in WTP Vol. VII #7.

E. J. Evans

Poetry by E. J. Evans has appeared in Rattle, RHINO Poetry, and New Mexico Poetry Review. Read his poem "Sleeper Agent," from the WTP July issue.

Simon Perchik

Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poem "It's When" appears in The Woven Tale Press Vol. VII #6.

Jacquelyn Shah

"All life is maintenance, someone said—/ the light and lovely always cudgeled/ by what’s gone flat—tires and cushions/ astray—your son, the cat/ to seed or pot—your garden, your body."

Michael Hettich

"And then I’m outside, standing in a summer / downpour, mounting my bike and riding, / dismayed and joyous at the sudden exuberance / of a storm that will flood all the streets and darken / the afternoon"

Rebecca Olander

"Uncertain acrobats, we tightrope between existing and / living, the patient with a new cane and an incomplete grasp / of gravity, the rest of us sinking under too much of it, / jealous of his morphine, of the wishful thinking he floats in."

Lauren Scharhag

"Buddhas on Death Row," is one of many poems by Lauren Scharhag featured in WTP Vol. VII #2. Read Scharhag's poem today.

Hope Jordan

"Of course he found her, the one who loves // women only quiet. Still as dolls. He got more / than he bargained for when that poison/ was knocked from her throat. When she awoke."

Bob Sykora

Bob Sykora's poem "Anna Alcott at Fruitlands," from WTP Vol. VI #9.