WTP magazine poetry

Three Short Poems

Sandra Kolankiewicz's three short poems, When Positive Thinking Becomes Dissociative, Each Morning We Step, and Compost, from WTP Vol. VIII #8.

In a Suburb

George Franklin's poem "In a Suburb" is one of five featured in September's Woven Tale Press magazine. Preview now!

Coming out to Mami

Caridad Moro-Gronlier's poetry appears in The Woven Tale Press. Read her poem "Coming out to Mami" in this month's WTP poetry spotlight.

Cleopatra Mathis

Cleopatra Mathis’ eighth book of poems will be published by Sarabande Books in July. Her poetry appears in this month's WTP magazine.

Monica Rowley

"I think about this cadaver bone in my jaw:/ What parts of a whole// did it lie in when it belonged to the living?" Monica Rowley's poetry appears in Vol. VIII #3.

Sue D. Burton

Sue D. Burton's prose poem from WTP Vol. VIII #1 follows the hypothetical tale of swans on a golfing green.

Joann Gardner

From Joann Gardner’s chapbook The Deaf Island, published by The Poetry Society of America as part of their prestigious PSA Chapbook Fellowship Program.

In the WTP Spotlight

Mary Gilliland's poetry appears in WTP Vol. VII #10, and she has a forthcoming collection from Bright Hill Press out in 2020.