2020 Art Links

Links from around the Web WTP editors deem worthy of note for artists and art enthusiasts alike.
If you know of a website that should be included here, email to wtp@thewoventalepress.net.

Fine Art Websites

The Public Domain Review

Art Camera Images (Google)

Coffee Art®

Artsy Shark


Zonerama Magazine

The Studio Visit

The Center for Fine Art Photography


International Sculpture Center Blog

Artists on Art

La Gazette Druout

That’s Inked Up


Art Tutor


River Arts District, North Carolina

AnOther Magazine




Two Coats of Paint


Art In New York City








Women in Sculpture

Lucian of Samosata

Plato’s Cave, Animated

The Original Pantone Color Guide

The Future of Art – Douglas Coupland

What’s at Stake for Abstract Painting?

How Does a Museum Close?

The Secret World of Art Auctions

The World’s Most Unusual Artist Residencies


Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Most Expensive Works

9 Italian Art Terms You Should Know

How Do You Fix The Art World? (four-part series)

Van Gogh’s Lost Sketchbook

Magazine Covers by Famous Artists

Art World Predictions for 2017

10 Documentaries Every Art Lover Should Watch

The Red of Painters


The World’s Hottest Art Spots

The First New Blue Pigments in Over 200 Years Will Become a Crayon

Thirty Great Museum 404 Error Pages

You now see Colors that Once Didn’t Exist

What 14 Artists Wish They Knew at the Start of Their Career

9 Artists’ Studios You Can Visit

8 Things Every Creative Should Know

5 Must-See Artist Documentaries


Resources for Artists

464 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

10 Rules for Painting

Abstract Painters Not to Ignore

Richard Diebenkorn: Sketchbooks

Download Vermeers


Shakespeare in Art

Finding Source Material

Exploring Color Palettes


The Basics of Macro


The Vincent van Gogh Gallery

Step by Step SEO for Artists

How to Set Up Your Business

Open Access at the Barnes Foundation




Bob Dylan, The Beaten Path

Gauguin: Artist as Alchemist


The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s

Harold Garde: Abex to Neo-Expression


Full Spectrum: Paintings by Raimonds Staprans

LA Redux: Reduction Linocuts by Dave Lefner


Artists’ Websites

Joe Fig

Articulate Ink

David Hockney

Ina Kaur

Judy Bourke

Jill Carter-Hansen

Barbara van Buskirk


Liz Harriott

Sandra Williams

Richard Diebenkorn

Frank Stella

Paul Cézanne

Gerhard Richter


Harold Garde

Jim Dine: Walking Memory, 1959-1969

Cristina Iglesias

Mary Bentz Gilkerson

Helen Frankenthaler

Jenny Holzer