WTP Website:

Leaderboard:  (728 x 90 px) x (1 month): $85

Right Side Bar:

(JPEG: 320 x 100 pixels) x (1 month on 1 page) = $15

(JPEG: 250 x 250 pixels) x (1 month on 1 page) = $20

(JPEG: 250 x 350 pixels) x (1 month on 1 page) = $35

(JPEG: 250 x 500 pixels) x (1 month on 1 page) = $60

*For an additional $10, sharing on WTP Twitter and Facebook.


(JPEG: 750 x 140 px) x (I month on 1 page): = $50

Rates apply to one calendar month on the WTP site.

 10% discount on two pages / 20% discount on four pages / 30% discount on six or more pages

Ad Rates for WTP online magazine per issue:

1/4 page: $100

1/2 page: $175

full page: $225

20% discount per additional issue

Note: All advertisers receive free promotion on Twitter and Facebook, with a combined following of  7,000+.

All ads must meet above specifications. We will only publish ads appropriate to the WTP content, so please explore our site before submitting. We will forward you an invoice once an ad is approved.

We welcome especially advertisements for books, galleries, art and writing supplies, and actual artist and writer websites, MFA writing and arts programs and workshops. All ads will be linked back to their sources, and will be featured on  relevant WTP pages (for example, website advertisements will go on our  “Bookmark This,” page;  literary or arts bookmark page; arts or literary features page; as well as WTP Blog).

WTP will  consider free exchange ads or content posts.


We  invite individuals, companies, institutions and organizations devoted to literature and the arts to consider our sponsorship proposal.























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