Eye on the Indies

Monthly, a look at indie authors as well as their publishers. A great resource for writers seeing not only notable reads, but publishers they may want to query for their own manuscripts.

DOTTORESSA by Susan Levenstein

Dottoressa is not your typical autobiography. Susan Levenstein's cross-cultural perspective in her engaging memoir creates an in-depth comparison of two healthcare systems as well as two lifestyles.

PHANTOMS by Christian Kiefer

"In an amazingly lovely way, Christian Kiefer has offered a cautionary tale for current times." Lanie Tankard reviews "a 2019 standout title."

BRIGHT by Duanwad Pimwana

"Author Duanwad Pimwana captures everyday life in Thailand with detailed observations presented through the eyes of one deserted little boy...in a way that bypasses sadness and borders at times on humor."


"The book is a portent to be read with care, a messenger from ancient ages auguring a future devoid of meaning unless heed is paid to the trivia around us." In Lia Purpura's recent book, she offers twenty essays noticing little things and then riding the train of thoughts they inspire.

FINDERS by Melissa Scott

Time and space become shapeshifters in Melissa Scott’s latest novel, FINDERS. This fascinating genre mashup embodies ancient myths in future worlds, while remarking metaphorically on issues in the present.

AYA DANE by Mhani Alaoui

AYA DANE by Mhani Alaoui is an elegant exploration of invisible cultural memories, creatively rendered on a canvas of migration. Here in her second novel, Mhani Alaoui shapes a well-thought-out protagonist with astute observations on the fear of those who are different—and on walls.

White Dancing Elephants

This month: Lanie Tankard reviews WHITE DANCING ELEPHANTS by Chaya Bhuvaneswar, from Dzanc books.