Write for Us

We invite you all to join our WTP community, contribute your expertise, and help us to broaden our reach.

Please consider submitting:

Book reviews: from your blog or even Goodreads.

Reviews of art exhibitions: Include a short bio of the artist, their website, your feedback (this does not need to be long nor a formal critique; it could be as organic as your own personal reaction, how certain works might inspire your own etc. We are open to your own interpretation) and photos of the artwork. Note: you will need to procure the permission of the gallery curator to take photos.

Website Reviews: On your own meanderings around the Web, we would love to have you recommend sites to us you deem worthy of being spotlit. (Along with another’s site, you may also submit your own–paying it backwards perhaps?)

Ideally, each month we would serve up various compilations of websites, much as one of our contributing editors, Donald Kolberg, already does with his “Coffee, Tea, Art and Blogs” posts. In addition to the arts, we would have one for the literary, photography and video.

Your reviews we will link back to your own website.

Keep in mind too that we are always seeking ideas for new site features; you might already have one up on your own blog, such as a post about your recent studio project or  writing tips. Send us the link and we can consider republishing it on the WTP features page. It would also show up on our homepage.

We hope to hear from you!

You can email Editor-in-Chief Sandra Tyler directly, with website links, ideas for reviews, or any other ideas you might have, for what you would like to see on our blog: editor@thewoventalepress.net.