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 “With more artists and galleries struggling to get their voices heard, The Woven Tale Press could be a really important go-to, especially for under-represented artists and galleries.” 

— Ken Berman

“Whenever I open up The Woven Tale Press, I feel like I’m wandering into a hushed gallery where the curators are secretly hiding behind the collection of art they’ve so lovingly chosen, hoping you love it, too. It’s hard not to. Stunning and honorable.”

Frances Park

 “The journal is a wonderful blend of contemporary fiction, poetry and visual art and produced in a format that makes it widely accessible. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the staff devoted to producing this little gem every month.”

 Teresa Stanley

“A picture paints a thousand words, and The Woven Tales Press has managed, thorough its fantastic issues, to give us a glimpse into amazing  art in every issue. Thank you, Sandra, for your hard work and your vision to present the world with the latest of contemporary art.”

Irene Pouliassi

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