my lies have titles

my lies have titles

Video Poetry — Donna Kuhn

For our third National Poetry Month 2016 feature, we offer the video poetry of Donna Kuhn.

video poetry by Donna Kuhn >> my lies have titles <<

She told The Woven Tale how she came to create what we are calling her “video poetry”:

[dropcap color=”#034582″]I [/dropcap]was making very strange home movies with my then husband and two children. We would not really plan anything, just get dressed up crazy and gather some instruments and strange sound toys we had around the house.

I had chronic fatigue syndrome and it was becoming harder and harder to take classes, perform or rehearse, but I did not want to stop dancing, so video just kind of happened. I began to combine my poetry with dance and music and art. All my forms came together and fed off each other. The software i have lets me work almost anywhere.  It started out as a compromise because of my health, but I am so glad I found it. I feel honored to have had the success I’ve had with it.

—Donna Kuhn

Featured artist Donna Kuhn is an author, poet, dancer, exhibiting-visual and video artist who was born in New York and currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA. Her experimental videos incorporate dance, poetry, digital and glitch art, animation,  datamoshing, sound, speech synthesis, visual and sound text poetry. Her work embraces “hybrid” beyond mixing text genre, well into performance, visual arts, music, and digital manipulations. The Woven Tale Press finds her video poetry challenging and exciting in all of the best ways.

Poetry video artist Donna Kuhn animated GIF dance
Donna Kuhn

Visit Donna Kuhn’s website.

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