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“Woven Tale is quickly becoming a mecca for writers and artists and those who understand the essential middle ground between the two.”
Beth Kephart, author of Tell The Truth. Make it Matter.

 The Woven Tale Press is arguably the finest literary and art magazine to have come on the scene in several decades.”

Elisabeth Shackelford, author of Don’t Sit Here

“The work WTP does is so important that I really can’t thank Sandra and her editorial staff and encourage them enough. It’s easy to immerse oneself in one’s own little world of creations, hiding underground, but it’s another thing to create platforms for artists to showcase those creations and engage with each other’s work.”

— JS Khan, Pushcart nominee, writer

“Even more compelling than its gorgeous layout and sumptuous production quality, is the editorial aesthetic of The Woven Tale Press. Brilliant visual and literary art is presented with exquisite sensitivity. These pages are saturated with color and filled with intoxicating stories and poems. The Woven Tale Press offers genuine art: original, provocative, raw. The Woven Tale Press’s online offerings, with their focus on new forms like video poetry and website reviews, are  fascinating too. The Woven Tale Press is a generous gift to the world, and I, for one, am grateful.”

Sari Friedman, author

“As the internet devours a larger portion of my life, I find I’m overwhelmed by the mass of options, alternatives, and choices available to me…and a growing sense at what I may have missed…especially with regard to blogs.

Yes, I needed a curator to help me discover creativity and inspiration within the blogosphere; and thanks to the keen eye, discerning taste, and diligent digging of Editor-In-Chief Sandra Tyler I have found my monthly destination for much that is creative (and eclectic) on the web.

In the vibrant virtual pages of The Woven Tale Press e-magazine—from a single source—I can explore the full gamut of creative endeavor, from glass blowing to cartoon illustration, from poetry to tales of far-off places, and everything in-between.

Most of all, I so appreciate the esteem that Sandra and her team hold for those that create; the artists, writers, illustrators, sculptors, poets, musicians, et al. Her affection is understandable, as in her own right Sandra is an accomplished author; and so she understands, and so those who experience The Woven Tale Press are sure to understand (and appreciate) as well.”

Mark Fine, author of The Zebra Affaire

“I’ve spent the past 15 years weaving my family’s stories across India, Germany, Siberia, and the United Kingdom.  The Woven Tale Press features writers and artists from around the world who have something different to say.  It is definitely where I want my stories to be placed—it means I’m going in the right direction.”
Jaqueline Crooks, writer

“The Woven Tale Press delivers. It is my “go to” source for the best writing on the web. Editor Sandra Tyler and her minions, busy as proverbial bees, hunt for the best writers, poets, and artists out there. She and they compile and present them each month in a beautifully designed e-zine, easy to navigate and easy on the eye. You may, as they promise, enjoy their eclectic selections of innovative prose, humor and visual arts. And, they gift to us links to visit all their contributors for more. Go! Read! Submit! Your time will be well spent. I personally guarantee it.”

— Steven D. Malone, writer

What is art? Who has the right to say?

I believe art is anything you happen to find beautiful. Some find it in a straight V8, for others it’s the delicate brush strokes of an old master. I happen to think it’s in the mental pictures painted by the words of a good storyteller.

This is where The Woven Tale Press excels. Sandra and her hard working team don’t try and tell us what we should like but rather extend a wide ranging net into the world of the internet, hauling aboard treasures of all kinds. With every edition of the press I find myself enlightened, entertained, and enhanced by the gifts held between its covers.

Like any good treasure chest you never know what you’re going to get until you open the lid. I for one can’t wait until the next one hits my virtual doorstep.

Keep up the great work guys.”

— Squid McFinnigan, author of Honeysuckle Lane

“I love The Woven Tale Press. It’s a neat little journal curating the best of contemporary art and literature.”

— Claire Meadows, poet and Editor-in-Chief/Founder of After Nyne Magazine

“I have been lucky enough to have been featured in a number of issues of The Woven Tale Press and still look forward to the kick of having more highlighted next to the other amazingly talented and truly interesting contributors.

The Woven is produced in the classic magazine format but without any hidden agendas—other than to bring you the very best they can from the blogosphere—whenever I read it I am always amazed at the colour, pleasing layout, and diversity amongst its pages.

All I can say is that if you’ve never seen or read a copy, do so now, and I promise you no disappointment, only a pleasurable reading and learning experience.

Now how many mainstream magazines can offer all that?”

 Karl Dixon, cartoonist and writer

 “With more artists and galleries struggling to get their voices heard, The Woven Tale Press is a really important go-to, especially for under-represented artists and galleries.” 

Ken Berman, artist

“Beautifully woven-together, Sandra Tyler et al. A warm shout out to you folks…The Woven Tale Press is a riveting romp, literally a page-turner, rife with abundant fun surprises: fiction flowing with well-honed diction, art that’s quirky and tart, and page design with a heart that says ‘ours not mine.’  …Kudos all around to your cadre of contributors.  Rock on, rock steady, and rock softly (if you want) but carry a big stick…. to fend off the (yawn) Cyni-Clique ;)”

John Hessburg, US Dive Travel

For artists, writers, and readers, WTP challenges us to discover new horizons of creativity. I find every page to be fascinating and delightful, professionally designed, and with great respect for the contributors.”
— Maria Santacecilia 

“The Press has a passion for seeking out both emerging and established contemporary artists who have a unique vision.”

Richard Malinsky, expressionist painter

The Woven Tale Press does a great job of finding artists who, working in a variety of mediums,  are creating fresh concepts.  The Press is a must-read magazine for art lovers who want to keep pace with what is going on in the art world.”

Harry Wicks

“I have been recently introduced to The Woven Tale Press. I have been extremely impressed with the quality and diversity of the work and immensely enjoyed the interviews with the artists. This is my first experience with an online magazine and it has been rewarding.”

Kathleen Yurwit 

“A friend of mine who was featured in The Woven Tale Press a few months ago told me about this spectacular monthly arts magazine and I have been an ardent fan ever since.  The production values are excellent, but I am even more impressed with the wide scope of what is offered—paintings, sculpture, poetry, mixed media, short stories—whatever you desire you will eventually find it on these pages. The Woven Tale Press presents sophisticated fare for those who love the arts.”

Linda Wilson, My Imaginary Cottage                

“The world is changing at a very fast pace.  So much of what we do now is in the virtual world.  The magnitude of possibilities and experiences out there are almost limitless. Discovering The Woven Tale Press was like finding a sparkling gem in the ‘cybershere sandbox.’ It’s presentation of visual and literary arts is a treasure trove of creativity.  It is such a wonderful opportunity for those of us looking to join the creative conversation, and to learn from others.”

Carolyn Land, multi-medium artist

“Extraordinary issues!! An eyeful indeed, to see art of such diversity and quality is rare! The Woven Tale Press is the ‘go to’ place for excellence and for me inspiration!”

Bill Vollers, artist

“Yes, this is the premier fine arts and literary magazine. I have never seen anywhere else, in print or on the Web, with such beautiful and provocative paintings and photographs. Now that I have feasted on those, I am going to go back and read the stories, poems, essays.”

Stephen Davenport, teacher and author of the Miss Oliver’s School for Girls series

The Woven Tale Press is an exciting and eclectic mixture of poetry, fiction, and the fine arts; it has something for everybody, and is beautifully produced!”

— Mark Mayes, author

You know that bad feeling you have when you think of all of the great art and writing that are bypassing your attention, escaping your notice?  Now we have The Woven Tale Press, one last Hail Mary Pass to catch, one last chance to get the best of what’s about to be missed, and I’m grateful.”

Beth Ann Fennelly, Mississippi Poet Laureate

“I am so pleased to have my work included in the latest issue of Woven Tales Press.  The journal is a wonderful blend of contemporary fiction, poetry and visual art and produced in a format that makes it widely accessible. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the staff devoted to producing this little gem every month.”

Teresa Stanley, abstract painter

“Startling in its beauty, this journal is as much of a visual treat as a literary one. Every page is a surprise.”

Mary Lewis, writer

The Woven Tale Press continues to be a valuable media outlet source for an array of artist that cross a variety of mediums. The eclectic mix of art combined with the esthetic layout and the knowledgeable staff makes Woven Tale Press a leader in an ever changing global art market.”

John McCaw, contemporary artist

“I am very happy to have been introduced to The Woven Tale Press and keep finding within its pages many fascinating articles.  It has introduced me to a number of new perspectives on art, which I always welcome.  I am honored to be included!”

Jeff Alu, photographer

“What strikes me about The Woven Tale Press is the way themes appear in each issue, without ever being named. The editors are clever and subtle with their juxtapositions of written and visual imagery, so that you have no choice but to make new connections between the works.”

Paula Goldman, photographer

“Woven Tale is like a book you want to read—beautifully considered and laid out.”

Beth Kephart, award-winning author of YA and memoir

“I love The Woven Tale Press. It’s superbly curated magazine with noteworthy and exceptional content. I’m honored to be part of the mix as an artist. Many thanks, Sandra!”

— Leah Oates, photographer

“Tales can be told in many art forms besides the traditional written word. Here, at Woven Tale Press, every form of expression imaginable, that has a tale to tell, is beautifully featured with careful attention to detail.”

— Susan Tepper, author

“A picture paints a thousand words, and The Woven Tales Press has managed, thorough its fantastic issues, to give us a glimpse into amazing  art in every issue. Thank you, Sandra, for your hard work and your vision to present the world with the latest of contemporary art.”

— Irene Pouliassi, Visual artist

“I was so happy to become a new subscriber to Woven Tale Press recently.  The visual and literary work featured is of the highest quality and reflects the diversity of approaches by a virtual community of writers and image makers.  It makes me feel much more interconnected to others in the practice of art making as I enjoy each issue and learn about how others think about the world.  It also informs my own practice as an artist and encourages me to try new approaches.  I am grateful to The Woven Tale Press for their enormous commitment and energy to this project and encourage everyone to subscribe!”

— Holly Wong, Visual Artist

“The story of how The Woven Tale Press came to exist immediately grabbed my heart. Editor-in-Chief Sandra Tyler understands the mindset and world of the artist. In telling the story of her mother endlessly painting in isolation in the basement, she speaks to all artists. Sandra makes us feel good about never giving up. She doesn’t judge artists or writers based on social accolades. She looks at and understands creativity. Sandra Tyler is a true supporter of artists. I feel honored to be featured in The Woven Tale Press.”

— Lisa Bartell, Abstract Figurative Painter

“Whenever I open up The Woven Tale Press, I feel like I’m wandering into a hushed gallery where the curators are secretly hiding behind the collection of art they’ve so lovingly chosen, hoping you love it, too. It’s hard not to. Stunning and honorable.”

— Frances Park, author

“I’m very impressed by the quality of artwork and writing in the magazine, and feel honored to be in the company of these talented artists and writers.”

Sharmon Davidson, artist

“What a lovely tangible collection of extraordinary artwork and writing. You’ll not only love turning the pages, one after the other, but also stopping for awhile on some especially inviting pages and taste their ambiance.”

Mike Stone

“The issue, as always, is beautiful. The stories and poems all fit together; there is a haunted feeling to them all, or of thwarted dreams, and they form a nice ensemble. And I can not praise the visual artists high enough. Looking at it all, I am reminded that I do not have the money to buy the art I would like to display in my own home, but at least I have access to it here! Thanks again, and keep fighting the good fight!”

“Each issue is an emergent work of art all by itself — each contributor’s piece is enhanced by the work preceding it, embedded within it or following it. The choices made by Sandra and her team have ensured that the various pieces play off each other, making each of them better.”

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