Sculpture: As Mask or Caricature or Both?

Sculpture: As Mask or Caricature or Both?

SCULPTURE: AS MASK OR CARICATURE OR BOTH? Daniel Wiener as represented on

Daniel Wiener recently was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship. Wiener’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, in both group and one-person shows, notably at Bravin/Post Lee Gallery in New York and at Acme Gallery in Los Angeles. Presently, he is affiliated with Lesley Heller workspace on the lower east side of New York City. While known primarily for his intense and viscerally arresting sculptures, Wiener also works in watercolors, 3D animation, and website design.

“Many of my recent pieces are quite small and hang from the ceiling from filament, seeming to float, perhaps like islands floating in the air. I want a lexicon of transformations. or self-transformations. The sculptures can look as if they are transforming themselves; the little ending or strange addition is a consequence of, or intrinsic to, the shape it is connected to. I think it’s impossible to think about transformations without expectations.”

– Daniel Wiener

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