Knowledge: Still Life iPhoneography

Knowledge: Still Life iPhoneography

By David Hayes
See his work in WTP Vol. III #3

Knowledge (v1) David Hayes, 2015.

This stack of books is from a more elaborate still life I set up in my living room over the week to take advantage of the sunlight streaming through our front blinds. The most recent Be Still 52 prompt had us working with more depth-of-field and falling off activities…and the results from that I’ll share in a latter post. For now…I wanted to share these two versions of the books I shot with my iPhone6. This first version was then processed using the app, “Perfect B&W”.

Knowledge (v2) David Hayes, 2015

I used the app, “Laminar Pro” for this second version. Hard to say which one I like the best. Perhaps the second over the first…

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    1. I will do that in the future. Thanks for fixing this post!
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