Photo Recipe Book: Recipe Number 1 (Tower)

Photo Recipe Book: Recipe Number 1 (Tower)

By David Hayes
See his work in WTP Vol. III #3

Tower. David Hayes, 2015.

Some time ago I ran an online project entitled the “Recipe Book Project,” where I shared my “recipes” for creating Iphoneography images. I also invited other artists to contribute their images and recipes. This went on for a bit…but then it didn’t and I stopped.

That was then and now is now. I Thought it might be fun to give this project another go…but with a twist. Instead of posting full blown tutes, I’ll be posting mini-tutes created using the app, Pics2Mov.

Today I’m posting Recipe Number 1 which is about how I created Tower. To view this video, click on  this link: Recipe Book Project – Recipe Number 1 (Tower)

Let me know what you think of this new format!

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  1. David, this is an interesting idea – moved you to the Featured Member Post which means we’ll share you on twitter and FB, Google+ and you’re also in the slider. Let’s see where this goes.

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