Becoming Writer (The Cover Makes It Real)

Becoming Writer (The Cover Makes It Real)

By Sydney Scrogham

This book thing is really happening, and I feel like I’ve stepped into my real body for the first time.  This is what I was created for, and I hope you take the risk to chase what you’re created for, too.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Even though the road to arrival won’t be easy.

Four months ago, I started getting on my face praying for the money to pay for the second half of Chase’s production (that’s part of a hybrid publishing contract)… and the ability to market the book… and keep up with horse bills… and start paying student loans (that college thing, though)… and start saving for other new things I’ll need soon because it’s an inescapable fact of life that old things break…

Four months ago, I was crippled with fear of my own financial needs. It was so uncomfortable, but somewhere in that time frame, I stopped worrying, and started seeing bit by bit that I could trust God to take care of me. I began to thrive.

Today I wrote the largest check I’ve written yet in my short, young life to finalize Chase’s production. Not only could I pay the full amount ahead of time, but the Koehler Books offered me a little discount. Coming home from work today, I was listening to “Freedom Reigns,” and the line, “Great is Your faithfulness” is sung over and over again at the end. I was struck with such a deep sense of everything will be okay, even if there’s no money.

That’s my Hallmark moment for today. God really does make something out of nothing, and then there’s some left over. My heart is so full.  If you’ve got a second, I’d love for you to hop over to Koehler Book’s website and vote for which cover of Chase you like best!  (I’m in love with both of them and I need some serious help deciding…)


Wherever you find yourself today, whatever your need is, I hope you’ll find deep peace in the fact that fear is a thief and a liar.  Everything is going to be okay.

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