Artist Patricia Anders

Artist Patricia Anders

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Patricia Anders is featured in Vol. III #11 of The Woven Tale Press

What are you working on in your studio right now? 

I always have multiple projects going on simultaneously. I’m a fickle one and can not stick with one medium. Currently I am working on an encaustic book of experimental images and media. I have several paper-mache figures in progress and a few oil paintings as well. I have started designing my holiday card which I do every year, and I am developing some ideas for holiday ornaments of the most unusual kind! In between, I am painting and embellishing pebbles, and printing out images from my original paintings.

What is your primary or favorite medium and why?

Oil paint is my favorite medium, I adore it even when it gets all over my clothes, carpet and pugs.Yes, it’s a love affair, and I love it because it’s magical. Acrylics simply cannot compete with its malleable magic-ness.

Can you tell us a little about your creative process?

I am a bit unpredictable in this regard. Although, ironically,  this unpredictability is predictable!  I often start with a seed of an idea, like a word, a word seed. It will tumble around in my head and subconsciousness for days until an image will make its way to paper. If I like the image it will be committed  to canvas and painted, and often I use the original drawing for an encaustic piece. Once that germ of an idea has taken hold and work is generated, one piece will inform the next, until there is a whole series. I will wear that series out as tangential ideas take hold, but it doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. I will often revisit the same ideas again and again. Others may grow weary of my themes, but I don’t.

I work every day, but do need down time to refill the well. So I garden, and garden and garden, and while I do that, I am filling back up with the juice of art. And, then I can begin again. Sometimes, as a starting point, I will take my seed of an idea and look up poetry (LOVE poetry) and I will be fully inspired with visuals in my head. Thank you poetry!

As to my actual style: hmm, lowbrow, often edgy, but sometimes down right sweet. I make no apologies for that!

What does your typical studio day look like?

Every day is a studio day. First of all, I do everything I can to not clean. Cleaning takes up so much time because I get sucked into the minutiae of organizing. So if I must clean, I do just enough to make room for the new project, or I jump right back in to the project I left behind the day before. While my studio is not like that of Francis Bacon (my art idol) it is most definitely creative, organized chaos. Yes, like my mind, and I am proud of it! I am very suspect of those artists with entirely pristine work spaces, dare I say, they are usually hobbyists or designers. That is okay, no judgement, but I do love to see an artist who really works and the commitment  shows in their space.

The spirit of experimentation always seems to be around. Have you tried something new recently?

I am always trying something new. Encaustic is very new for me, but I also, always go back to my tried and true.  I hope to purchase a 3D printer soon, and really look forward to playing with that.

How do you keep motivated?

I am always motivated. I spent so many years working mundane jobs to survive, that when I finally was able to live the artful life, I was so grateful and remain grateful each and every day. Being a creative being, I am dead without art. It gets me up in the morning and fills my day with intense satisfaction. I recently did a drawing titled, “Thank you Art!” And I mean that from the very essence of me.

What other artists’ works might you have collected and why? Or whose works would you most like to see displayed in your home?

Generally I can not afford art. Most of my dollars go to supplies. But I do buy art books–how I adore Camille Rose Garcia, Joe Sorren and Mark Ryden, just to name a few of the painters.

When it comes to art dolls, here is a link to my pinterest board. I am so in awe of the artists here! Super inspiring!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for being interested in my art. When anyone shows an interest, or feels moved or inspired by my creations, it is such a gift, is so very uplifting, and keeps me compelled and propelled to carry on.

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