Adam & Eve—Annariitta Saarelainen

Adam & Eve—Annariitta Saarelainen

Art Video
by Annariitta Saarelainen

Adam & Eve, an art video walk through an exhibit of work by Finnish Artist Annariitta Saarelainen, is a work of art of its own.

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]see my surroundings through mediums of light and shadow. My roots as a photographer manifest in deep attention to detail and focus on form-expression. In graphic arts I reach for the abstract, with minimal lines, but so that the viewer can find glimpses of the urban, nature and people. To me creativity means freedom—let my art speak for itself.

ArS, artwork by art video maker annariita saarelainen

See her work in The Woven Tale Press IV:2.
Visit Annariita Saarelainen’s website.

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