either | savannah brown | video poem

either | savannah brown | video poem

Poet and Content Creator

my name is savannah brown and i’m a nineteen-year-old poet and content creator originally from ohio, but i’ve been studying in london for the past two years. i’ve been on youtube for more than five years, performing my original spoken word poetry and making videos dealing with topics like sexuality, gender, mental health, creativity, and everything in between. i’ve been a writer much longer than i’ve been a youtuber, though, and i’m absolutely ecstatic to be able to share my first book of poetry with everyone!

in early 2014 i performed a slam poem titled “what guys look for in girls” discussing societal expectations of beauty. thanks to features on sites such as upworthy and the huffington post, the video gained a lot of traction and now has more than four million views. more recently, i posted another slam poem titled “hi, i’m a slut” dealing with the sexualization of women, and the simultaneous shaming women receive for being sexual. it has been featured on the indiependentthe daily mail, and metro.

Cover of Graffitti and other poems, book by poet and content creator Savannah Brown
Cover of Graffiti
(and other poems)

other exciting things i’m involved in include the first ever vidcon poetry slam, which i will be judging and hosting during the coming 2016 event. i’m also due to feature in an upcoming issue of local wolves, so stay tuned to my website for that! i’m constantly working on new poetry, so another book is always on the horizon as well.

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"Moles Don't Think About Space or Small Talk" Poster by Savannah Brown, content creator and poet
“Moles Don’t Think About Space or Small Talk”
Poster by Savannah Brown

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