One Photographer Exploring Dualities

One Photographer Exploring Dualities

Opposing Qualities in Nature

Series "Then". Provided to for feature publication in 2016
Series “Then”. Provided to for feature publication in 2016

by photographer Michael Ezra

See his work in The Woven Tale Press Vol. IV #5

I enjoy exploring dualities, the opposing qualities inherent to everything in nature. It is then when all of them are present, I get a sense of completeness and harmony that I strive to pursue in my work.”

Originally a painter with a love for surrealistic painting, Ezra began developing a concept of black-and-white studio sculptural nudes back in 2000 and went on to create a wide body of sculptural works in his easily recognizable style. In recent years Ezra’s interest evolved toward blending elements of surreal into his photographic works while hauntingly preserving the look-and-feel of his earlier studio photographic series of Horizontal Nudes and Triangles.


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