Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

By Donald Kolberg

Cork Printmakers and Center for Contemporary Printmaking

It was exciting to find an incredible printmaking exhibition while touring through Connecticut. We met with a member of the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Debbie Gioelle who was gracious enough to take time from her own work to explain the show and give us insight into the center itself. I’ve listed the artists and the catalog site but it is worth going to the Cork website to see all other artists involved at Cork Printmaking.

Curator Sarah Kelleher

PRESENT is an exhibition featuring thirty prints by fifteen artist members of Cork Printmakers, which will be displayed at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.A, from 5th June until the 28 August 2016. Selected Artists include: Johnny Bugler, Debbie Godsell, Séan Hanrahan, Catherine Hehir, Marianne Keating, Jo Kelley, Eileen Kennedy, Deirdre McKenna, Peter McMorris, Noelle Noonan, Shane O’ Driscoll, Killian O’ Dwyer, Kate O’ Shea, The Project Twins, and Laura Wade. This exhibition was curated by Sarah Kelleher, who is a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Art Department at University College Cork and a Government of Ireland Scholar.

The catalog for the event can be viewed at;

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