Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

By Donald Kolberg

I found some fun stuff this past week and thought I’d pass it on. The first one is going out to all you bloggers that are trying to make money writing. Its a list of 50 blogs that actually pay for writers work. Guest blogging has always been a source of exposure so have at it!!!


Now on to the crazy world of art.

Dr Felix Rey was the physician who treated Van Gogh following his private performance piece, ear today gone tomorrow. New sketches unearthed in an archive in California show the drawings from that exam.

This one I found to be incredibly interesting. Image artificial DNA used to track original art. Now I know most of us aren’t in the league where we would worry about forgery but there is a growing theft of artwork on line. The DNA process alone, which seems to be not outrageously expensive, would be a great business investment if nothing else. Or just enjoy an interesting read.

I know you want more but that’s it for now. So remember

Imagination is never still. The marks we make are Verbs

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