Michelle Hold: Studio Visit

Michelle Hold: Studio Visit

“No-Time, No-Space, No-Body”

by Michelle Hold

See her work in The Woven Tale Press Vol. IV #7

Video by Michelle Hold

“My work is an exploration of the abstract, dance-like gestures, the vibrations of color and simple words.

Light, movement, nature and new spirituality with scientific grounding are essential to my paintings and I am fascinated by the insight into the emerging concepts of science and new thoughts about our existence which start to create a different sense of awareness. My best work seems to come out when I succeed to stay in a place of ‘no-time, no-space, no-body’ helped by yoga and meditation. I practically live in the canvas.

My themes are nature bound like my cycle on water, silence, light, earth.

Since color is light, it is my first choice when I start my painting to connect instantly with the viewer.

My knowledge about color comes from my experience in textile design and the world of fashion, knowing that a small alteration of color tone can change the whole mood of a collection.

My approach to painting is very energetic, a sort of dance, an impulse, an expression of joy and while painting I forget everything around me.

I believe that this is ultimately the energy you read in a painting, the force or, on the contrary, the softness of the brushstroke that captures the viewers attention.

My background of studying architecture made me also a constructor. Layer by layer the painting grows, refining what you can barely see, accentuating, canceling, for in the end, I want the viewer to feel intrigued by what they see without necessarily understanding it. I like the element of mystery, because that’s what life is, mysterious. So I play a lot with transparency. I have a fascination for things I do not completely apprehend, which are disguises . And that’s exactly why I paint abstract.”


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