Process & Inspiration

Process & Inspiration

“I Build up and Tear Down”

By Lisa Boardwine
See her work in WTP Vol. IV #7

My  process involves layers upon layers of applying paint. Using various tools for adding texture and interest, I build up and tear down, dissolve through and scrape back, excavating and veiling to recreate a sense of the mysterious through many layers of media.

Paintings on Boardwine's studio wall
Studio Wall

The addition of mark-making, Asemic writing, script and sometimes collage, adds to the history of surface. I work on cradled panels, paper and canvas. In this process, I cherish the freedom I have found to experiment, express, and explore the world through my work.

The “Autumn Leaves” photo, was inspiration for the “Autumn Memory” painting. The two images below highlight where my inspiration can possibly begin and turn into a piece of art.

Photograph of Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Memory Work in Progress by Boardwine.
Autumn Memory

Many of the surfaces I enjoy painting are inspired by time spent in Italy. The influence of what time and history reveal through layers of worn and weathered imagery and objects, are fuel for my passion to recreate a sense of what has been left behind. My work expresses remnants of random marks, rich color and texture from old stone walls, the erosion of ancient sites and structures, or enchanting doors and windows.  I am intrigued by these layers of built up patina that hold stories within.

Graffiti Roma painting by Boardwine
Graffiti Roma V

The spirit of place can also be found in my work. From sunsets in Florida, mountain vistas of North Carolina, the autumnal color of a Virginia landscape, to a special evening light in Rome or rustic hilltop towns of Tuscany, I find a wealth of inspiration.

Working with oil and cold wax medium, allow me to capture the essence of special places, both near and far, through my art.

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