Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Chattanooga, a City Cafe, and MOMA

By Donald Kolberg, Contributing Editor

After a short summer hiatus,  I’m back to my blog and bringing you art stuff  from around the Web. I was in Chattanooga (stayed at the Cho Cho Hotel, the old train station.) and spent some time looking at the regional art. If you’re in that area, there are two things you should definitely put on your agenda:

Trail of Tears, The Passage
Weeping Wall

First up is The Passage. This permanent art work is a pedestrian link between downtown Chattanooga and the Tennessee River. It marks the beginning of the Trail of Tears. If you don’t know, the Trail of Tears refers to the forced removal of the Cherokee tribes from Chattanooga to Oklahoma which took the lives of 4000 Cherokees before the reached their destination.
According to the visitor’s guide, “The Passage is a permanent outdoor exhibit, with symbolism of the seven clans of the Cherokee Nation. There is a ‘weeping wall’ representing the tears shed as the Cherokee were driven from their homes and removed on the Trail of Tears. Seven, six-foot ceramic disks tell the story of the Cherokee Nation from hundreds of years of Native American habitation in the southeast. Seven, 14-foot tall stainless steel sculptures of stickball players will grace the wall facing the river, educating visitors about the game and its importance to Cherokee culture.”

city-cafe-dinerOiginally from the north, I are always on the search for a good diner–Chattanooga did not disappoint, offering up The City Cafe,  along the route of the  downtown free electric trolley. For a diner, the menu was quite extensive and our meals were served on vintage Fiesta ware. The portions: well, we ordered one dinner at split…and the dessert, remember those giant cakes? I mean the really big ones? Well they had them, about forty.

I know you’re probably saying “Hey where are those great links you always have?” Okay so here are a few:

Here is a listing of exhibitions from MOMA covering from 1929 to the present 

And while we’re on the subject of museums,  a totally irreverent website, has put together an off-beat group of photos  of how to enjoy your next museum trip. But don’t let the kids see it!

That’s it for now  but remember, as always

Imagination is never still. The marks we make are verbs.

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