Art Spotlight: Kathryn Baczeski

Art Spotlight: Kathryn Baczeski


See Baczeski’s work in Vol. IV #7

Claystack ceramics, wood, cinder blocks approx 6’x 4’ x 3’
Claystack by Kathryn Baczeski
ceramics, wood,
cinder blocks
approx 6’x 4’ x 3’

Claystack is an “object experiment” created by dipping the straw of one entire bale into clay slip, and then firing the resulting mound. Gravity caused ‘Claystack’ to sag and morph during the process. Considering the long history of ceramic objects made by hand, ‘Claystack’ was formed by the repetition of arduous, hand-based labor. The result of my experiment is a frantic assemblage that confronts viewers with sharp shards encapsulating the process of its making within the resultant object.”

Kathryn Agnes Baczeski is a visual artist from Southbury Connecticut. She received her BFA in Sculpture with a concentration in Ceramics from the University of Connecticut in 2009. She is currently earning her MFA from Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. Baczeski is an avid dreamer and believer that anything is possible when dealing with art and lives by the philosophy of “Never let the dream die.”

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