“12 Dreamers” and “Dancing with the Devils”

By Jeff Alu
See his work in Vol. IV #8

Jeff Alu is an experimental whose work crosses a line between science and art. He writes, “My style hovers between documentary and a semi-dreamlike state. I’m constantly searching for what I like to call “clues.” These clues generally represent the initiation of questions that should be asked, rather than answers to pre-defined questions. I never have a set idea of what it is I’m looking for. I simply seek, occasionally finding exactly what it is I wasn’t seeking. For me, that’s the time I learn something new about life: when I discover a new path, a new way of seeing, a new reason for continuing my search.”

12 Dreams is an experimental film which allows me to explore many different cinematography styles via four minute-long dream sequences. Below is a compilation of five of the dreams in a format I created for an exhibition at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. It does not represent the idea of the final film, as it is a work in progress.”

[mom_video type=”vimeo” id=”14191948″]

“12 Dreams” and “Dancing with the Devils” previously appeared on http://www.jeffalu.com/

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