Art Spotlight: Ryan M. Schroeder

Art Spotlight: Ryan M. Schroeder

Nodus Tollens

See his work in Vol. IV #10

Nodus Tollens by Ryan M. Schroeder

Oil, enamel, raw pigment, sand, and charcoal on burlap
52″ x 68.5″

I paint abandoned spaces that resonate with me. Some paintings are made perceptually, and others from photographs. However, my main focus is finding a means to visually transmit the dominant psychological feeling of a person or place. I am attracted to spaces that possess a residue of occupation, the visceral sensation of a human presence. These structures provide a framework through which I am able to have a conversation about decay, neglect, and what it means to be forgotten.” —Ryan M. Schroeder

Schroeder’s work is currently on display as part of a group show at Art Mora, in New York and New Jersey during the month of December.

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