Art Spotlight: Rebecca Jewell

Art Spotlight: Rebecca Jewell

Falconer’s Headdress
Looking Back on 2016

See her work in Vol. IV #3

Falconer’s Headdress by Rebecca Jewell

Printed feathers
16 ⅞” x 17 ¾”

A deep knowledge of the art of other cultures – and the way it relates to our own – informs Jewell’s own elegant and allusive work. A highly-skilled printmaker, she makes etchings of significant images and artifacts, printing them on to such divers and unlikely media as luggage labels (as used by museums for classification) and bird feathers, and mounting them in suggestive combinations.

Rebecca Jewell is steeped in the material cultures of other civilizations. After doing extensive fieldwork in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, she read social anthropology at Cambridge University. She later received a PhD in Natural History Illustration from the Royal College of Art (2004) and was awarded a studio residency at the Florence Trust (2005-6). Throughout 2005-6 she was Leverhulme Artist in Residence at the British Museum and is now Artist-in-Residence in the Oceania section of the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas of the British Museum. —Biography from the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

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