Art Spotlight: Martin Eugen Raabenstein

Art Spotlight: Martin Eugen Raabenstein

The Loon Series
Looking Back on 2016

See his work in Vol. IV #6

The Loon Series by Martin Eugen Raabenstein

Three individual pieces
Ink, inkwash, oil, acrylic, and paper on canvas
94″ x 58″

Ink is a material that can be reapplied on the image carrier. This phenomenon is not the primary motivation, but in its application an increasingly exciting field for artistic experimentation…

The layers in my work have become more multifaceted over the years. I have no longer as much respect for that which already exists on the picture as I did in the past. Now I tear open the lower-lying layers of paper with my tools more often than I did in the past. This releases old layers of ink which appear as patches of color on the picture surface. This can, on occasion, superpose the patterns that have been created by the mounted paper formats. I only use pure, black ink. All grey tones that are in my work are a result of the paper layering or through the etching of my materials.” — excerpt taken from an interview with Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Berlin, January 2015

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