Art Spotlight: Hildy Maze

Art Spotlight: Hildy Maze

The Owner of Chaos is Thought

See Hildy Maze’s work in WTP Vol. V #2

The Owner of Chaos is Thought by Hildy Maze

oil and paper
38″ x 39″

My abstract contemplative work is developed with the view that art has the capacity to infuse the experience of everyday life with awareness. Using my experience of passion, aggression and ignorance I delve into the discursive thought patterns and emotions that obscure the recognition of our basic nature of mind which is empty, lucid, all-accommodating space continuously awake and aware. I’m interested in persuading the viewer from the boundaries of the image, to engage with matters beyond what is immediately visible; to relate with who we are as deconstructed, uncreated, i.e. more expansive and gentle than our usual descriptions of ourselves and how the culture defines us. Everything begins as thought, then manifests as a physical reality. We are not going to fix our world without healing the patterns of thought that are driving the world into its present state.”

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