Video: A Million Years

Video: A Million Years

An Artist’s Statement

By Christopher Owen Nelson
See his work in Vol. V #3

Christopher Owen Nelson thrives in the vast arid landscape of the American West. As a Colorado native, he studied Fine Arts at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where he learned classical methods in drawing and painting. While developing a deep appreciation for composition and form, Nelson focused on employing alternative materials; sculpting with used carpet, found objects, and painting on glass. He continued on to pursue a career in construction, whereby gaining valuable knowledge in concrete, steel, and woodworking that would eventually lay substructure for a new and innovative artistic approach. Electric power tools became primary instruments, with paints and textiles applied at later stages in conceptual evolution.

Nelson’s creations reveal the dynamic nature of intrinsic existence, as thought and feeling align within a medium that is uniquely his own. Combining elements of his skills in painting, construction and songwriting, Nelson illustrates deliberate yet subconscious narratives guided by lucid dreamscape. His work continues to grow in scale and in concept. Nelson is bound by no medium; creates in a perpetual state of research and development. Striking his own path, he cuts a wide road for future pioneers. Nelson exists in leaps and bounds. The art world follows in double time.

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