Art Spotlight: Irene Pouliassi

Art Spotlight: Irene Pouliassi

The Mount

See Irene Pouliassi’s work in WTP Vol. V #4

The Mount by Irene Pouliassi

in situ installation
in Florinas’ old army barracks
canvas, molded teeth, plaster, acrylic
157″ x 157″ x 118″

Osteotopia sets human existence as a point in a infinite time-frame, there is underlined irony and controversy. In one hand you have a Molded replica of spine bones, static in time and then you have the eternal form alteration. An infenently small time window which originates from a temporal eternity.


Through my research and artworks I tend to demonstrate the omnipresent lingering of the existential idea that sets the human existence as a vessel one incidentally fell upon, and thus has no conscious awareness of his ballpoint-sized place in the timetable of infinity. I work mostly with organic and industrial material having multidisciplinary as a crucial aspect of my art practice and an incessant search of an organic link between several disciplines. Taking advantage of the creative and expressive potential of sculpture as well as of painting and drawing incorporating them into scenographic installations.

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