Art Spotlight: Mara Elizabeth

Art Spotlight: Mara Elizabeth


See Mara Elizabeth’s work in WTP Vol. V #4

X-Ray by Mara Elizabeth

double exposure

As an artistic medium photography suffers from the common misconception that it is fundamentally a documentary tool; that photography is more or less a creative twist on a technology produced in order to record an objective reality. My goal as a photographer is to form an image that could not be seen without the use of a camera, to stretch and bend a slice of recorded ‘reality’ into a reality unique to the photographic medium. Through my double exposures I’m able to illustrate the relationship photography can illuminate between a personal reality and the documentation of a shared reality. These photographs are produced when slices of reality are seen through one another, layered and blended; The two are fused together to produce a single, new image that doesn’t correspond to anything concretely visible to the naked eye. The camera is transformed from a recorder of the objective into a producer of the subjective and fantastical.

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