Video: Ode to Spring

Video: Ode to Spring

“Hooray for Blooming Spring”:
An Illustrated Poem

By Anastasya Shepherd

Anastasya Shepherd worked as a neuropsychologist for ten years in diagnostic testing, consulting, therapy, rehabilitation planning and teaching. After marrying and having children, she turned her focus to illustration: “I had been drawing and dabbling in photography throughout the years, but at that point I started writing and illustrating for my children, and suddenly realized that I had something to say. I also realized that it was a natural way of making a living by means of asking questions—which seems to me to be the purpose of art.”

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  1. Lots of fun in that, and a pleasure to watch and listen, but one doesn’t learn to draw and illustrate that finely without an education in those arts, and yet there is no mention of any learning process for either the art, nor the film. Help readers learn what must be learned.

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