Video: Plaster & Pearls

Video: Plaster & Pearls

Plaster: “Gouged, deconstructed, explored”

By Eduardo Terranova
See Terranova’s work in WTP Vol. V #6

The Plaster is gouged, deconstructed, explored to reveal signs, pathways and corridors into a primitive consciousness. The Pearls, perhaps antithetically, are the perfectly sealed cocoons of an ancient interruption, emitting the eternal ineffable light. These juxtaposed elements combine to whisper of something forgotten, something long ago.”

Eduardo Terranova¬†received his BA in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology and his MA in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Recent showings include The Other Art Fair and the New York Art Expo in New York City; Tinney Contemporary in Nashville; Chase Edwards Contemporary Fine Art in Bridgehampton, New York; and Albarracin Goyo Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was named “Best New Exhibitor” at Artexpo New York in 2017.

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