Art Spotlight: Heather Teets

Art Spotlight: Heather Teets

Leoncillo Leonari No. 2

See Heather Teets’s work in WTP Vol. V #6

Leoncillo Leonari No. 2 by Heather Teets

inkjet print
8″ x 8″

Revealing my connection to place lies at heart of my photography. I am interested in documenting narratives from ordinary moments that possess a kind of sublime, surreal beauty.

For me these visual inventories are a form of meditation, bestowing space for contemplation and exploring my personal connection to time that has already lapsed.

As I aim to capture the sense of place, I am trying to reveal man’s imprint and past histories.

All digital photographic works are 8 x 8 inch digital prints and are from an ongoing series from my documentation of Spoleto, Italy. All works submitted were created in the summer of 2016.” —Heather Teets

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