Art Spotlight: George Fellner

Art Spotlight: George Fellner


See George Fellner’s work in WTP Vol. V #1

Illuminopolis by George Fellner

pigmented ink print
20″ x 14″

The focus of Fellner’s present work, Imaginary Realms, reveals an endless search for the abstractions of reality, involving the macro photography of stones and crystals. Influenced by the nineteenth- and twentieth-century art movements of Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism, he is engaged in an ongoing exploration of the imagination.

My methodology involves the visual exploration of stones and crystals that store information revealing evocative forms and patterns…The intent of this work [Imaginary Realms] is to present a series of Abstract Expressionist images that can invigorate the minds of the observers, evoking concepts and dreams that may traverse space, time, and dimension. Serving as catalysts, the images are intended to inspire observers to partake in their own visual journeys and to provide meaningful messages. Ultimately, there is the offered propensity for stimulating the observers’ curiosity, imagination, and a personal search for universal insights.” —George Fellner

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  1. Imaginary Realms and Visions are becoming your exclusive and supreme forms of expression.

    On another level, the E. Haddam Senior Center, designed by you, takes on its own visual life . A few photos and words from you, perhaps for East Haddam News, would show how it has evolved in its own right. When I moved from the tip of Johnsonville Road into Oak Grove on William F. Palmer Road, I donated
    the collection of gargoyles and statuary to animate the gardens. Leighton and I eat lunch there almost every day and Brad Parker does such a splendid job of making it function at every level.

  2. Thanks Bob for your kind words…! I certainly enjoy the ongoing and evolving photographic work, implementing my abstract art expressions for Imaginary Realms…, and it serves as a nice balance to my architectural work. I actually wrote an article on the East Haddam Senior Center for my Column on the Architecture of East Haddam, published in the East Haddam News a few months ago. Nevertheless, I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions for a potential future piece…!

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