Art Spotlight: Rebecca Brodskis

Art Spotlight: Rebecca Brodskis

Mind my Other Minds

See Rebecca Brodskis’s work in WTP Vol. V #7

Mind my Other Minds by Rebecca Brodskis

oil on canvas
49” x 77”

My paintings are an invitation to take part in an oneiric journey, guided by a vague narrative that can be interpreted in multiple ways. I accomplish this by not overworking the details and by not locating the characters in recognizable spaces linked to reality. My goal is to visually articulate the sensation of being in the midst of an illusion. I realize my paintings with many layers of oil paint, which I then wash off. I do not like to be completely in control of my creation and often let the turpentine surprise me. I work mainly on large formats in order to fully immerse myself in the fabric, and therefore, in the worlds that I construct.” —Rebecca Brodskis

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