Art Spotlight: Constantine Gedal

Art Spotlight: Constantine Gedal


See Constantine Gedal’s work in WTP Vol. V #8

Untitled by Constantine Gedal

giclee print
10″ x 10″

There are two elements that I employ in my imagery—human being and one’s surroundings.

In order to construct image, I follow the travels of a lone soul in the lands of the other, registering views and moments flowing by, observing pictures seen through the mind of an intricate and elaborate structure that can’t always relate to the world around.

The travels in the world which is sometimes small and narrow as a single bunker, secure and desperate; sometimes wide as an ocean, forgiving and merciless, with layers over layers vanishing down, with deep sky tipped off into the abyss above, where time doesn’t fight space, and choosing direction is futile; no preparations and no second chances—everything happens here and now.

I portray moments of an object’s journey to become a subject across the background of vastness which is turning subject into an object and is getting dissolved into thin air as a sea line disappearing in the midday sunshine.
—Constantine Gedal

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