WTP Roundup: From the Editor

WTP Roundup: From the Editor

November 2017

By Sandra Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

First, an update on our literary and art competitions: submissions officially closed on October 31, and winners will be announced on our site on November 15th.

Other news: A warm welcome to a new contributing editor, David Hamilton. David is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Iowa, where he taught for nearly forty years. He is the author of Deep River: A Memoir of a Missouri Farm and two poetry collections, The Least Hinge and Ossabaw. He is also the former editor of The Iowa Review and former director of Iowa’s MFA Program in Nonfiction. Our contributing editors are a key component in WTP’s reach to new audiences, and I am grateful to each and every one for their continued dedication to the WTP mission.

Another warm welcome, this time to John Berman who responded to my call for art correspondents, and I’m delighted that he will be covering the art scene in Brooklyn. Writer, editor, and research consultant, he’s the author of four books for Barnes and Noble Press and the Museum of the City of New York, Ellis Island, Coney Island, The Empire State Building, Central Park. He also has served as contributing writer for the American Jewish Desk Reference and helped develop exhibitions for the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation, the Brooklyn Historical Society, and the Hudson River Parks Trust.

I am still seeking a correspondent for LA and possibly Chicago. This is a great opportunity for artists to develop a rapport with curators, especially of smaller bricks-and-mortar galleries that you deem deserving of greater recognition in cyberspace, and might suggest for a WTP profile. Speaking of, we have a gallery profile this month up of Station Independent Projects, a gallery with a unique history and vision. We are especially seeking to spotlight those galleries that are lesser known but feature quality artists. For the WTP magazine, when we find artists through galleries, we link back to the gallery as well, as we do this month with William Crump and Katherine Daniels, both whom we discovered via Station Independent Projects.

Back to our correspondents…stay tuned for their first posts next month. These will appear four times a year, as a kind of retrospective on the previous art season—a way of not only spotlighting noteworthy artists and galleries, but bringing to our readers the experience of these venues, with rich images as well as insights. If you live in or near an active art hub, do let me know and we can talk. Email me at: editor@thewoventalepress.net.

Last but not least, we’ve tweaked our submission requirements a bit. If you do not have your own blog or website, we will consider your submission, but acceptance is conditioned upon your establishing your own URL. This is our way of encouraging you to take this extra step, a given in this digital era, of the professional artist or writer. We even offer our own guidelines—you’ll find here that we recommend WordPress, but there are other platforms of course, some new ones, and most are user friendly. Whichever platform you choose, the basic website elements we suggest can still apply. And we are happy to do a little hand holding, so email us with any questions if you are even just considering testing these cyber waters.

Best to you all, and enjoy this tail end of fall!

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