Art Spotlight: Maggie Evans

Art Spotlight: Maggie Evans

Choosing Solitude

See Maggie Evans’s work in WTP Vol. V #9

Choosing Solitude by Maggie Evans

pastel on paper
48” x 34”

Collective Behavior

As humans we often emphasize our uniqueness and individuality. Beneath these independent identities, however, all humans harbor a deep, intrinsic need to be part of a group. A group provides security and comfort, but it can also become its own entity where mob mentality overrides individual thought. As an artist, I am fascinated with human collective behavior and how it inevitably leads to hierarchical systems, social divisions and manipulative power. My current body of work examines different aspects of collective behavior through drawing, installation, and painting.”

Psychological Interiors

A labyrinth of acutely personal emotions exists within each of us. Shaped by personal experiences, its omnipresence subconsciously influences how we interpret our world. The imagery of vacant interiors offers a safe setting where I can explore these quiet, submerged emotions without becoming too literal in my portrayals. Although each drawing is created through searching my own conceptions, the resulting rooms are ambiguous enough to house the personal experiences of each viewer. Drawing allows me to explore and release these deep emotions that transcend words.” — Maggie Evans

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